If you remember the name OJ Simpson you probably first remember that the Santa Ana Freeways in Los Angeles County, Florida police are chasing a white Bronco. Perhaps your first impression is the picture of him wearing a black leather handkerchief that suits a jury too well. You can believe that the live public viewing of an alien soccer player was not found guilty until 1995, when you hear the name of the OJ.

O.J. Simpson Net Worth

However, Simpson still has some resources available. Because his money is subject to debt fraud, social security taxes and benefits which he doesn’t receive, he currently expects $3-5 million from his previous TV interview. David Cook, the Goldman family lawyer, told Fox News that “pensions are bulletproof.” “Without divine intervention, they are nearly hard to kill.

O.J. Simpson was found guilty of robbing some of his signed sports memorabilia from a dealer in a Las Vegas hotel room. During the robbery he had a weapon. “I’ve been doing my time. I’ve been doing my duty. I have done so well and with the greatest respect I can believe, “said Simpson at his pace in 2017

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