Ever heard of the e-Girl Celestia Vega? Well, the YouTube reality superstar might not have made it to the factor of having a Wiki Page But She’s popularly regarded for addressing sexually associated content material on YouTube. Celestia who’s nonetheless at her early 20’s started building her on-line presence in overdue 2015, She started out as a Gamer of Luxe Gaming alongside Zoie Burgher who’s a famed Model & A Vlogger.

Celestia Vega Net Worth, Height, Bio, Facts
Celestia Vega Net Worth, Height, Bio, Facts

A few months after, Celestia decided to game up as a Prn Star, However Zoie was ok with her ambition at first however whilst it got concluded that Celestia Vega becomes surely weird together with her stuff, then the wishes to cut her off Luxe Gaming rose again in Early 2017. After a breakup with the logo, Celestia installed herself on Twitch which she attracted 100s of thousands of followers already. The on-line reality grownup content celebrity makes cash from Selling Nude, Celestia Vega tweeted on April

“Every time an Uber motive force asks me what I do for a residing,”, “me and joey make up some one-of-a-kind elaborate bullshit so I don’t should give an explanation for that I essentially simply promote n*des… nowadays, I am a Christian way of life blogger y’all.”

Celestia Vega is likewise recognized to be Bi-Sexual, She’s sexually interested in Both Male & Female, Though she’d select lady, In fact, Celestia made it acknowledged that she ended up Kissing a chum while she becomes in eighth Grade, We’ve over 20 Unheard Facts about the Popular YouTuber Celestia Vega, She also stated purpose of Being an Adult Content freak in a three Minutes span video on her YouTube account.


While fans are expecting a brand new video shoot from Vega, She disappeared on twitter after tweeting “I’m Done” at the seventeenth of December 2018, She deleted her Twitter & Snapchat account herself no longer that she become banned from those social media accounts. What has to have passed off?


The e-Girl Vega grew up in New York however now is living in California, Celestia Vega loves art, snapshots & fell in love with studying Books, She examines at the least three Book each day while she changed into Young. If you’re an ardent fan of Vega, She’s obsessed with Glasses, This is because she pretended to have Bad Visions even as Young so she should get Glass specifically due to the fact she likes the manner it Looked.


Celestia Vega was born back in August 12, 1998, As of nowadays the YouTuber is 20 Years of Age, Her start signal is LEO, At age 5, Celestia Vega performed Guitar which she gives up after some while, Vega couldn’t finish as much as University Degrees as she suspended middle faculty even though she’s an A’s student in almost all of her worrying Subjects especially English.

Celestia Hates Pants So Much

She extraordinarily supposes Pants are hyped up, She’d as a substitute exit in Baggy T-shirts without any Pant, Well she’ll be satisfied if that is socially every day, Your concept?

She Loves Being Spanked Besides being an Adult Movies freak, Vega loves being spanked to the factor of getting bruises & markings all over her.

Vega Has A Black Dildo Being a lover of Spank gained’t is truth without a three Foot Tall Black Dildo sitting in her Bathroom.

Vega Once Worked In A Farm

In case you don’t understand, Celestia Vega is an ardent fan of Animals, She loves them so so much which made her labored in a Farm at one point

Vega Hates Normal Bread

When it involves eating bread, Vega hates ingesting a Dry Bread, She’s as a substitute get the Bread soaked in Water before ingesting. Even if it were in a restaurant or public places the Bread needs to be Soggy.

She Started Using Computers At A Tender Age.

Vega is likewise a lover of Computer, She commenced getting to know How to Use Computer at the age of three.

Celestia Vega Knows How To Twerk
Vega is a Good Twerk Star but she doesn’t like to do this until she’s a bit tipsy. She’s dope at twerking whilst she has sufficient drinks in her.

She Has Extreme Fears For Needles
Celestia is continually terrified of Needles or any Punching tools that might harm her Body, Even if she has been to take Injections within the Hospital, She would Hide herself up in the Bathroom crying definitely badly for it. She looks like she’ll bypass out if she became given a shot of Injection.

She Struggled Up With Depression & Anxiety
The phobia of Answering Impromptu Visitor’s Door is all over Celestia Vega, She also has the concern of answering telephone calls though she’s getting plenty better for the reason that she began the YouTuber Career.

Vega Started Sexual Jokes Since Young Age

She began the Sexual Jokes at a totally gentle age, She does posts Sexual Posts on Twitter daily and she Got Steven in hassle maximum of the times.

Skating Was One Of Her Wish
She wanted she is aware of how to skate, She’s usually wanted to study but couldn’t fulfill this due to the loss of Co-ordination.

Vega Recorded An Adult Movie With KSI Back In 2017

Back in November 2017, Popular YouTube Streamer KSI promised he’d release a P*rn video with fellow streamer Celestia Vega, She launched the video with the name tagged “My First Adult Movie feet Celestia Vega.” which he said he’d release once it clocks 1,000,000 Views. The target was reached and whilst it was time for KSI (aka Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji), to premiere the film, It becomes taken down through @Pornhub.

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SOCIAL PROFILES OF CELESTIA VEGA [YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat & Reddit]

3 Years Back, Celestia Vega started her online presence, Within a quick range of time, She’s vastly won Cumbersome fans on Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube & Reddit, Though she turned into eliminated on Instagram because of Policy Violations with over one hundred,000 Followers.

Celestia Vega currently has over 585,000 Subscribers on YouTube as of Today, On Twitter, she’s over 460,000 Followers and she’s hooked on tweeting Raunchy things on her Twitter account, The Best Forum within the World Reddit additionally has a Subreddit for the Reality Star with over 30,000 Fanboys.

With her Huge fans on Social Medias, Celestia Vega become able to promote lots of copies of her Adult Movie she debuted back in 2017, Celestia Vega is presently well worth $two hundred,000 in Total Net Worth.

What’s your tackle, Celestia Vega? She calls herself the number one e-Girl at the net, Really? Let’s pay attention from you through the remark Box Below.

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